ISO 17799

Definition: ISO 17799 is a comprehensive list of security standards created by the International Standards Organization and based upon the BS7799. The standards specify a code of practice for information security management. Topics included in the code of practice outline the desired security policies and practices for infrastructure, personnel, communications and management for continuity and compliance. The second edition of the standards was published in 2005. This control standard is being replaced by the continuing development of International Standards Organization 27000 series for information security. The standards provide a basis for securing the interconnected digital processing infrastructure.

Its Relevance: International security standards provide a solid framework for information assurance that others can trust. Many organizations that conduct global B2B (Business to Business) commerce require information security certification. Meeting the complete set of certification standards is difficult. Companies that do business with a properly certified business can do so with confidence. Increasingly, organizations will want to deal exclusively with companies that have certification.

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