Computer Network

Definition: The phase, computer network, refers to one or more computers or workstations that are connected to one another. Such an infrastructure makes it possible for workers who are linked to share information resources and to make more cost effective use of expensive devices. A modern electronic information system capable of connecting individuals and devices was made possible by telecommunication protocols that are part of the Internet (TCP/IP). Nearly all operating system publishers have created a product based upon TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol). Computer security within a network becomes a major issue. Inter-connected computers can give rise to major security vulnerabilities.

Its Relevance: Sharing information resources (documents, printers, an intranet, etc.) can be a major boost to an organization's productivity. An information system that links computers and workstations can also bring with it an increased number of threats and vulnerabilities. Proper authentication of users is but one example. Protecting the system against unauthorized intrusions is a necessity. Computer security and internet security become a necessity.

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