Definition: Confidentiality refers to the condition or state under which all computer information, software and hardware associated with a networked information infrastructure remains private. Individuals who wish to do harm to a company or organization are constantly seeking out vulnerabilities to exploit. Information about personnel, equipment, procedures, software versions and any other critical data should be discretely maintained and made available to only those people within the organization who have a need to know. A loss of mission critical information can be disastrous. Does your organization have effective information security policies?

Its Relevance: A business or organization must protect the privacy of its critical information infrastructure and avail itself of every security tool. It might otherwise be deemed to be negligent. Mission critical data must secured and kept from those who would steal proprietary information or deliberately harm the organization. Companies now function in an asymmetric threat environment, which means that attempts to do damage to an information infrastructure can emanate from a wide variety of unpredictable sources.

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