Data Breach

Definition: A data breach is a computer security incident that results in the loss of the confidentiality, integrity or availability of an organization's information. For example, critical information stored on the hard drive of a computer that is being taken out of production must be destroyed. Simply deleting the files from the hard drive isn’t good enough. Or cyber criminals and people with malicious intent can invade your network through a social engineering attack and convince a careless worker to give up his or her password. An organization must have a computer security plan in place to help protect against unauthorized disclose. Businesses must consider implementing an ERM or Enterprise Risk Management strategy.

Its Relevance: Information, in all of its forms, is at risk. A plan must be in place to protect against the loss of mission critical information. Otherwise, a strategic or tactical advantage might be lost to a competitor. The organization might, also, face non-compliance or liability issues.

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