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What Are "Security Best Practices?"

The total dollar loss from cybercrime (estimated today to be 1.5 trillion dollars) is larger than the money made in the illegal global drug trade. 

Experts predict that the loss with be more than 6 trillion dollars by the year 2021!

Cybercrime is a high-payoff, low-risk crime.  People must take action keep from becoming a victim. 

Hackers actively scan the Internet looking for vulnerable computers, smart phones and tablets.  When the digital vandals and thieves find a weak system they attack. 

Is installing anti-virus software enough? Most people are unsure.

The only certainty is that your systems will encounter the cybercriminal. You need to be successful in fighting them off.

You can improve your chances by using security best practices to secure your computers, smart phones and tablets.

Our cyber security definitions and other resources can help you make sense of the problem.

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Everyone who uses a computer, tablet or smart phone at home or in business face serious risks. Malicious hackers, viruses, spyware, Trojans and malware pose significant problem. The threats against your sensitive information are increasing and becoming more sophisticated.

The consequences of a security breach are becoming more serious.

Did you know that you could even be held legally liable (or face significant fines) for disclosing confidential information or a failing to follow through with information security best practices? 

Among the items for which you are responsible to protect are customer identities or PII (personal identifiable information), the loss of confidential Research & Development information, the unauthorized release of sensitive information (HIPAA) or in money being stolen from your bank accounts.

There are few basic questions.  Have you taken the steps necessary to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your person systems or your company's mission critical data and private information? Do have an information security plan or know what one is?

Let us help you enhance your information security posture. We'll keep adding to our site so you can depend upon us as a comprehensive resource and authority.  We are dedicated to helping you protect your information assets.  

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