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Dr. William G. Perry is the publisher of the Computer Security Glossary and professor emeritus of computer information systems in the University of North Carolina system.  He taught information security and networking.

Perry also worked as an Associate Research Fellow for the Joint Special Operations University and was academic adviser for the Center for Security Policiy in Washington, D.C.  He conducted pioneering research on detecting over-the-horizon threats to America’s critical national infrastructure for the intelligence community and Special Operations Command.

Perry participated in the development of the nation’s Cyber Security Framework and was named to the Department of Homeland Security’s RC3 Council.  He was a member of the FBI’s Infragard, a public/private consortium that is focused on the protection of critical national infrastructure. 

Perry has written more than eighty (80) articles on securing cyberspace. Dr. Perry recently published How to Secure Your Computer and How to Secure Your Smartphone and Mobile Devices.  Perry is also the author of a fiction novel, Cold War Cyber Spy.

Dr. Perry published a free ebook called “21 Ways You Can Fight Cybercrime” that can be downloaded free at computer-security-glossary.org.

Dr. Perry is a committed patriot.  "I passionately believe that securing a country's digital infrastructure is a matter of national security.  I'll do anything I can to increase the awareness of the threats and vulnerabilities that computer users face."  Dr. Perry now lives in Lake City, Florida with his wife Karen.  Perry can be reached by email at wgperry.contact@google.com

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