This computer security specialist says:  "You   need to know the secrets of how to create a   hacker free zone."

  William G. Perry, Ph.D.

Are you concerned about cybercrime?  You had better be.  The problem is getting worse by the day. 

Cybercriminals are constantly seeking ways to break into your computer systems or smart devices.   Malicious crackers are constantly trying to get into your digital systems and steal your money, buy stuff online with your credit cards or take out loans in your name.

You can fight back by building your own Hacker Free Zone

The total losses due to cybercrime now exceed one trillion dollars a year!  That’s more money than the illegal global drug trade.  The problem is increasing and is forecast to grow to more than 10 trillion dollars by the year 2025.

You have a lot to lose.  Cyber thieves don’t.  They have everything to gain and virtually nothing to lose.  

Why?  You rarely know when the bad guys are attacking or from where.  A successful cyber attack can be launched from across town or the other side of the planet.

Very little evidence, if any, is left behind.  Cybercriminals do a good job of masking their identity.  There aren’t any fingerprints left behind to “dust”.  

Law enforcement is powerless to do anything about cybercrime.  It has overwhelmed local, state and federal law enforcement.  The ability of police to investigate computer theft is extremely limited because they are without the resources needed to prosecute a cybercriminal. 

Things are far worse than you and most people know.  I’ll prove it to you.

Did you know that the Internet was designed with 65,535 open doors or ports (TCP) that invite people using the Internet to enter your system unless the ports are disabled?  And as if 65,535 TCP doors aren’t enough there are an equal number of UDP openings that are also included in the Internet’s design.  That’s why so many incidents of cybercrime occur.  The Internet was built by the Defense Department to ensure communications in the event of a nuclear war. 

You are truly on your own!  The authorities are helpless.  You must take steps to stop cybercriminals.  Do you know how to do it?  

Read on if not.  

You and your family must use what is known as cyber security best practices.  They are simple and easy to follow.  By doing so you have a chance to create your own “Hacker Free Zone” and stop cybercriminals when they attack. 

I’m sick and tired of hearing news stories about the latest cybercrime that hurt innocent people.

You have a right to know who I am to express such self-righteous indignation.  

My name is Dr. Bill Perry and I’m a Professor Emeritus of Computer Information Systems in the University of North Carolina System.  

I specialized in security computer systems and networking.  

I worked as an associate research fellow for a component of the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command.  I was also a contractor with the Proteus Group (which was created by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the US Army War College and the National Defense University).  

My work has always centered upon strengthening computer and network security and information warfare.  I’m very familiar with the ruthless and evil nature of cybercriminals.  

I can say with authority that your family’s safety and security are at risk and depend upon your using the best of what is known about how to secure your computer.  Helping you learn how to to do so is why I wrote a brief non-technical report called How to Create A Hacker Free Zone.

You have only one question to answer if you want to protect your family, finances and confidential information.  That question is, how much would you spend to keep from losing thousands of dollars or the disaster of having your personal data stolen, damaged or destroyed?

Would you spend .99 cents?

You read that right:  .99 cents.

Why in the world would I publish a special report on how to block cyber criminals and sell it for such a ridiculously low price?  That’s an easy question for me to answer.  There are two reasons. First, I want to make a difference in the fight against cybercrime.  Price shouldn’t be a barrier for you to get you hands on such valuable information to protect yourself, family and or business.  

Second, I’m in the process of expanding my web presence.  If you are pleased with my special report, I hope you’ll tell your social media friends and contacts about it.  They might just visit my website like you did.  The more people that visit my website the higher it is placed by search engines for more people to see. 

To get your copy of my report, How to Create A Hacker Free Zone, just click on the link below, fill out the information and we’ll send it to you via a download.  Do so now.  It’s worth the price.

I give you my solemn word that I will never sell your confidential information.  You can even permanently block me if you wish.  

Otherwise, I’ll only be in touch with you from time to time to pass along additional valuable information that you can use to create your own Hacker Free Zone and help you win the battle against cybercrime.

I actively seek and maintain a trust relationship with friends, clients and readers.


William G. Perry, Ph.D.