McAfee Security

Definition: McAfee Security(tm) is a publisher of a family of anti-virus software for personal and business use. Competitors include Norton(tm) and Kaspersky(tm). The publisher maintains a Home and Home Office section and a Small Business section on its main web site. McAfee claims that tests have shown the product catches more than 99% of the viruses directed against the system. One of the company's products is focused upon back-up, which is security related. Another product alerts users that a dangerous website has been or is about to be accessed. The company also provides other products for small and larger businesses as well as providing for real-time on-line support that offers unique services.  

McAfee software graphic

Its Relevance: This Internet security software offers the home and small business owner a number features designed to meet user needs. For example, one product that is available advises users to the relative safety of websites while online. Consumers and information technology departments should study the offerings of major providers and make a selection that is appropriate for them.

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