Anti-Spam Software

Definition: Anti-spam software is designed to block unsolicited communications, such as pop-ups and other digital ads. Spam is a slang term for the computer world’s junk mail or displays. Spam may be thought of as digital “telemarketing cold calls”. Frequently, however, unwanted and irritating messages can carry malicious software that makes changes to your computer. If the unwanted email is opened or responded to as the message requests malicious software can be installed. Most software publishers of information security software (Norton, Kaspersky and AVG) have a component of their product designed to block unwanted communication. Some of these products can filter based upon the sender’s name, specific words or other criteria.

Its Relevance: Software that blocks a full spread of unwanted e-mail serves more than the purpose of reducing in-box clutter. Unsolicited messages from cyberspace are frequently a part of a blended attack against a target. A computer user would want to filter out any possible threat vectors.

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