Definition: A breach in an organization’s information infrastructure means that a component of the information assurance plan has been defeated. Any such event must be considered a serious security incident requires what is known as an "incident response" according to the organization's information security plan.  A compromise of the company’s information assets (e.g. documents, equipment, etc.) means that the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the system has been lost. The source of an unauthorized access must be discovered and for forensic purposes steps must be taken to determine the nature of the loss. Responsible parties should be prosecuted and held accountable.  Steps should be taken to eliminate further risks from being realized.

Its Relevance: To maintain business continuity and operations an organization must be able to assure that unauthorized use of its information has been prevented. A business must have the highest possible level of information assurance so that all attempts so that as many as possible unauthorized access are thwarted. Failing to do so might invite down stream liability law suits, loss of intellectual property, customers or the business itself.

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