Definition: Cryptography is the science of turning readable text into a scrambled and unreadable format. The term is typically used interchangeably with encryption.

Information security can be improved when a mathematical formula or algorithm is applied to the body of the original message and calculations are performed on the targeted contents, then converted into the coded secret message. A “key” is typically used to decipher the message that has been concealed.

Encryption technologies help make modern electronic commerce possible and protect the confidentiality of information.

Cryptography (or encryption) technology is vital to ecommerce.

Its Relevance: There is a need to keep the content of electronic messages secret. The reason a business would want to conceal transactions, credit card numbers and personally identifiable information is even more important as it relates to electronic commerce in general. Without the ability to conduct business in a secure manner over the Internet e-commerce would be too vulnerable to attacks.

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