Cyber Crime

Definition: Cyber crime (frequently conflated to one word, cybercrime) is any illegal activity directed against a computer or computer network with the intent of damaging, disclosing, stealing or denying information. These criminal activities may be perpetrated by a variety of individuals ranging from simple unauthorized access by a “script kiddie” to international organized crime. Information security is very important. An organization must have security policies that address the problem.

The entire Internet is saturated with predatory attackers dedicated to the harming information infrastructures. Targets are routinely scouted for vulnerabilities, identified and then intruded upon. The total dollar loss per year is in the billions.

Its Relevance: An individual or business organization faces tremendous risks doing online business. An individual can lose his or her identity. Proprietary information can be stolen, assets can be damaged or destroyed and business continuity can be lost. A well-documented and systematic information assurance plan is the only way to prevent losses. Cyber criminals can gain access in a system and remain there for months or even longer.

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