Cyber Security

Definition: Cyber security refers to the methods and procedures that individuals or businesses follow to provide for information assurance. Its goals are to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of vital information resources. Organizations, without a plan that addresses information security, is at the mercy of the asymmetric threat environment.

The measures taken to provide security for computers can include specialized hardware and software. The full scope of protecting digital assets, also, includes deploying customized applications designed to block malicious viruses, information security policies that are adopted by infrastructure owners and a comprehensive plan to assure business continuity. The plan must be formal, deliberate and systematic. Anything less would be negligent.

Relevance: The information infrastructure encounters multiple threat vectors.  The scope of threats to computers and computer networks are vast.  Cybercriminals continuously hunt for vulnerabilities to exploit. The effort to provide for the safety for information assets must be vigilant.

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