Cyber Terrorist

Definition: The precise meaning of the phrase cyber terrorist is currently being debated but it does include the concept of a malevolent individual, who is unaffiliated with a nation state, conducting an attack against someone's information infrastructure. Such an individual is motivated by a cause (political or otherwise) and has the intent of compromising computer security, damaging information assets and instilling fear.

Computers, networks and our integrated digital infrastructure are being attacked to instill fear.  

A cyber terrorist can even use the Internet to recruit for and support terrorist networks.

Its Relevance: Private or public information infrastructure owners must be on guard against both targeted and indiscriminate attacks against valuable digital assets. An awareness of computer security and the actual threats that are faced must be developed. For example, an individual or business may be targeted because of the nature of its business (i.e. medical experimentation with animals or political beliefs).  A cyber terrorist could crack into the company's network and wipe out vital information.

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