Data Breach

Definition: A data breach is, literally, an unauthorized access of an organization's digital assets.  A data breach may also be said to be a computer security incident that results in the loss of the confidentiality, integrity or availability of an organization's information. A example of a breach is would be data that is altered, stolen or made unavailable. A cyber criminal invading your network through a social engineering attack having convinced a careless worker to give up his or her password.  An organization must have a computer security plan in place to help protect against unauthorized disclose. Organizations must consider implementing digital security as being a "business process".

Its Relevance: Data and information, in all of its forms, is at risk in the asymmetric threat environment. A plan must be in place to protect against the loss of mission critical information. Otherwise, a strategic or tactical advantage might be lost to criminals or competitors. The organization might, also, face legal liability issues or suffer fines related to non-compliance.

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