Email Security

Definition: Email Security related to protecting one of the most widely used computer applications.  Email security is a sub-category of information assurance. The issues of encryption, attachments, SPAM (unwanted communications) and distribution are all important considerations. Information security policies must be in place so that the appropriate use of assets support rather than compromises the confidentiality, integrity and availability of an organization’s infrastructure. Electronic messages can contain malware or reveal sensitive information that can harm or compromise the legal position of the company. Inappropriate use could result in legal liability, loss of proprietary information or other information security breaches. Employees should be educated in the proper use of email. 

Its Relevance: Nearly all employees work with electronic communications (both sending and receiving) to write colleagues and customers. Each message represents an opportunity for information to be compromised or used inappropriately. All electronic communications are now subject to subpoena. Polices must be in place that govern the communication function. An educational program for employees, also, should be in place.

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