Gibson Research

Definition: Gibson Research is a publisher of software that can be used to improve an organization's information security. The company's products (software and utilities) may be accessed at One of its key products, SpinRight, focuses upon a hardware recovery. Users can create boot disks, ISO image files and perform other data integrity functions. GRC's also produces an online program called "Shields Up" that allows users to test the robustness of their on-line security measures. These tests can be performed in real-time. The GRC site also contains other useful software.

Penetration Testing, Gibson Research

Its Relevance: Any computer user can perform a basic on-line vulnerability test by accessing GRC's website and running its free program, "ShieldsUp". Ports are scanned, browser security is checked and more when ShieldsUp is run. "White hat hacking" can provide infrastructure owners with an early warning related to system weaknesses. The service, company and their software is superior.

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