Home Computer Security

Definition: Home Computer Security refers to the steps that a private infrastructure owner could take to protect his or her system. The steps taken could be antivirus or antispam software or to use stronger passwords. Installing a personal software or hardware firewall is also included. Even locking the keyboard upon leaving it would be considered a form of protection from any passersby or children. Personal surfing and email practices can influence safety including avoiding questionable sites that have suspect attachments. You need to become aware of how to product your personal computer. 

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Its Relevance Crackers are well aware of typical vulnerabilities associated with personal information infrastructure and consider it to be a rich hunting ground for stealing resources and identities.  The number of home computing devices (including smart phones) is huge.  Privately owned machines are frequently attacked and “enlisted” in bot armies. Every measure that can be taken to enhance the safety of privately owned infrastructure should be taken.

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