Internet Security

Definition:Internet Security is a broad term that refers to assuring the information infrastructure of an organization at all points where it interfaces with the world wide telecommunications network. Being on-line consists of more than just surfing the web. Email, for example, uses TCP/IP protocols to accomplish its function. An on-line transaction processing system employs numerous sets of familiar protocols when a customer buys a product from a business or organization and pays for it with a credit card. Merely accessing the web and downloading an image requires that steps be taken to assure the existing infrastructure.

The term also refers to steps that an organization takes toward achieving information assurance.

Security, Internet

Its Relevance:The scope of protecting on-line communications with an information infrastructure is vast. Security boundaries are growing with increased mobile devices and computing. An organization must acknowledge its information infrastructure assets, assess risks and take steps to mitigate against potential losses. The organization, otherwise, runs the risk of losing customers if on-line processing is seen to be less than secure.

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