IP Spoofing

Definition: IP Spoofing involves a nefarious computer hacker or cracker assuming the network identity of a trusted computer, network or website. The attack vector involves the malicious user altering the contents of an Internet packet. The content that may be changed is based upon a series of four numbers that are globally recognizable on the Internet. The target of the attack thinks that he or she is communicating with a legitimate site when in reality a major security breach has occurred. Attacks vectors of this variety misrepresent the parties in the telecommunications session.  Spoofing is a sophisticated attack.

Internet Spoofing

Its Relevance: An infrastructure owner can be harmed significantly if that person believes that he or she is communicating with a trusted site. Highly sensitive information can be passed from unsuspecting infrastructure owners directly to the intruder. Confidential information related to clients or business operations could be obtained or money could be lost.  Spoofing can occur on many different levels and requires a sophisticated information security plan.

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