Laptop Security

Definition:  "Laptop Security" can refer to a number of and technologies designed to provide protection for mobile computing devices. The physical defense of portable information infrastructure can be both physical and logical. A portable computer's data can be encrypted so that if it is stolen information assurance can be provided. Installing a LoJack capability on the portable data processing device can help in its recovery if stolen. Software that causes the stolen computer to "phone home" under certain conditions is an alternative to locate a thief. Making certain that strong authentication mechanisms are installed can dissuade theft. The are even combination locks with cables.

Its Relevance: End point security is becoming a significant concern. Workers are becoming more mobile. Thousands of portable data processing devices are also stolen each year. Millions of dollars are lost globally in stolen equipment, in addition to identities and proprietary information. Policies and procedures must be adopted by the business or organization that address the matter.

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