MAC Address

Definition: The MAC address (Media Access Control) is an important attribute of each computer or device on a network. A MAC address is a unique set of numbers, based upon the IEEE 802 standard and assigned to manufacturers and the hardware they make. The numbers are allocated much like the ISBN regime for books or VIN numbers for cars and are used for the management of network traffic, security purposes and to administer networks in direct manner. The MAC numbers are separate from a devices IP address.  Web sites have a URL. Every hardware device connected to an information infrastructure has a Media Access Control designation. 

MAC Address, Hardware Identifier

Its Relevance: The organization’s security policies can utilize the Media Access Control description to manage its network traffic. The unique number can also be used to monitor the “safe condition” of a device. They even may be used by intrusion detection software. The information security plan must provide for protection against Media Access Control spoofing.

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