Network Security

Definition: Network Security refers to the processes and procedures you use to provide for the confidentiality, integrity and availability your information assets.

The security of network assets include operating system and application software, hardware, protocols, encryption, and protection against malicious software and crackers. The policies and procedures associated with protecting information assets are also included.

The physical defense of information resources and awareness training must also be a part of protecting digital assets. Information assurance related to computing is a deliberate and systematic process. Steps taken to assure information security must be periodically reviewed.

Network Security Tips

Its Relevance: A business or an organization must provide for the protection of its information assets when linking with other computers online.  It's a due diligence necessity.

Threat vectors are becoming more sophisticated and they are evolving. The challenge is becoming more complex rather than simpler.

Assurance procedures should be followed for internal and external communications. Securing information should be a business process that is formalized and managed within an organizational structure. Crackers and hackers and constantly exploiting vulnerabilities.

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