Online Security

Definition:Online Security is a "catch all" phrase that refers to the methods and means that can be used to protect a personal, home office or business computer systems while on the Internet.

There are a vast number of threats and vulnerabilities from which your information infrastructure must be protected. Malicious crackers and cyber criminals are constantly probing to violate the integrity of your information infrastructure. Failure to provide protection will allow serious intrusions and damage to occur to your system that would be sufficient enough to harm you or your organization or to others who might use your system to cloak their identity. The threats online are a problem for the private and public sector.

One way to keep information confidential is by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

On-line Security

Its Relevance:An individuals should truly avoid accessing the Internet unless security measures are taken to protect your information infrastructure. Nefarious individuals are running multiple scams the capture your confidential information resources for the purpose of stealing your money, proprietary resources, your identity and processing resources. Providing on-line security and continuously re-assessing it is vital. Should a threat or threats be manifested against the critical infrastructure a nation's security is jeopardized.

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