Patch Update

Definition: The phrase patch update is used to describe the issuance of a new edition of a software package that has been made to upgrade performance or to mitigate a software vulnerability.

The asymmetric threat environment faced by information infrastructure owners includes a large number of threats that are tirelessly present to “crack” software and compromise computers.

Publishers of software struggle to keep up with the challenge and routinely offer modifications to their software packages to plug the holes. The cycle is so intense that specific days of the week are recognized as the days that exploits and defenses against them appear.

Information infrastructure owners should incorporate routine updating and "patching" of their information systems assets.

Patch Updates

Its Relevance: Most software publishers discover "bugs" and vulnerabilities in newly minted products. Patches are usually written to update the products as soon as a problem is discovered. Infrastructure owners need to adopt a disciplined approach to access the software publisher’s websites, download fixes to close the vulnerabilities, testing and deploying the remedies. The process should be instilled in the security policies of the organization and monitored.

The bad guys work hard to obtain entry to your system by systematically search for unprotected systems. 

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