PC Protection

Definition: The phrase can be used to refer to the physical protection of computers and devices as well as maintaining the confidential information stored upon them.  

The protection of computers and devices is very important.  We live in an asymmetric threat environment and threats are aimed at individual devices and the components of larger infrastructures (i.e. attacks against databases).  The tools and methods used by crackers and unauthorized users are varied. Owners of individual computer owners and digital infrastructure must be vigilant, proactive and aware. Security concerns for individuals also include being aware of attempts at “phishing” for vital information and attempts at “social engineering”.  Companies need to have an information security plan in place.

Its Relevance: Laptops and computing devices are frequently lost in airports. Thousands of computing devices are stolen or left behind. Individuals should be aware of security best practices and routinely use them. The losses that can occur, otherwise, could be catastrophic. A good Internet security software suite and firewall should be purchased and installed on individual computers. A firewall should be deployed in networks.  Access to mission critical and confidential information should be tightly controlled. Sensitive information that is sent should be encrypted.

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