PC Security

Definition: The phrase PC Security is most often used when related to securing a personal computer or workstation or other electronic device (e.g. smartphone). The classification of a computer as “personal” goes beyond an individually owned device. PCs, laptops or smartphone connected to a corporate network instantly are related to "network security".  Extra precautions should be taken to assure all digital devices The same is true if an individual who works at home and transfers data files from his or her place of employment and transfers data files to the business’ infrastructure.  There should be an information security plan in place.

Its Relevance: An individual should provide for the security of there own PC.  Otherwise they are likely to fall victim to cybercriminals.  The concept is even more important if the PC can be connected to a network.

Following an information security plan and security best practices is appropriate in all circumstances when an individual or employee is working with a computer or interfacing with a network. The “rules” should be established by the organization and included in the information assurance policies.

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