Definition: The acronym, RFID, stands for Radio Frequency Identification Device. It’s a transceiver (a radio) that sends out a signal which can be read and processed by a computing device. These electronic identification devices are small in size and are only capable of broadcasting for limited distances. They can be used to manage inventory and even be manufactured into the surface of cards (credit, identification or access). There are basically two types. One type of RFID that broadcasts by itself (its active) and the other requires that it be “activated’ by a scanning device (passive).

RFID can also be used to enhance security in different ways (e.g. an ID badge for physical entry)


Its Relevance: Radio Frequency Identification Devices are very helpful and can be used to enhance productivity and efficiency. The chips are also vulnerable. Crackers can purchase “readers”, too. The manner in which these chips are used and secured must be specified in the organization’s information security policies.

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