Definition: The acronym, RSA, is related to public key infrastructure (PKI) encryption algorithm but originally stood for the last names of the co-inventors, Rivest, Shamir and Aldernam. The method was granted a patent and due to its robust nature has made electronic commerce and the verification of online identities (i.e. digital signatures) more dependable.

RSA makes multi-factor authentication possible.

Attribution, in other words, is made more trustworthy when using this and similar methods. A business or organization that buys or sells online must be able to rely upon the authenticity of transactions or loose competitiveness and be negligent.

RSA Encryption

Its Relevance: Encryption algorithms that produce a high degree of assurance and attribution are an e-business necessity. Information infrastructure owners must address encryption in the information security plan. Conducting business without encrypting transactions can produce a significant vulnerability and, by itself, prove negligence on the part of the business owner.

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