Definition: The abbreviation SSID (Standard for Service Set Identifier) is a unique set of characters that serves as a “name” for a wireless (802.11) network. The unique device identifier is broadcast by radio signals up to the maximum distance where the signal ends.  The infrastructure owner needs to recognize that passersby can (if properly equipped) can eavesdrop on the wireless devices' signal.  Theoretically, an individual would be denied access to the wireless access point without the required alphanumeric string value.

Personal WiFi devices can be vulnerable, too.

SSID, Wireless Network, computer security

Its Relevance: Infrastructure owners should realize that wireless routers ship from the manufacturer with a “default” identifier and that it is encouraged to change the default identifier to something more robust. The manner in which a wireless network is configured by the network administrator determines whether a passerby can join the wireless network. Change the default password.  The accessibility of a wireless network should be set by the organizations information security policies.

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