Definition: TCP-IP (TCP/IP) these two acronyms, joined by a forward slash, stands for “Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. It's a protocol suite that together represents the Internet and the large number of telecommunication standards associated with it. Each of the components associated with the standards addresses and delivers parts that are essential to completing required telecommunications services from one computer another network to computer network.  Truly, as a whole, it's the engineering rules and standards upon which Internet technology was built.

TCP/IP, Internet, Networking, Profocols

Its Relevance: Each of the Internet telecommunication protocols performs specific functions. The Internet was built without a priority being placed upon security.  

The range of TCP/IP otherwise addresses is quite broad.  TCP/IP covers typical functions from email, to browsing and encryption as well as video streaming. Each of the sub-protocols must be addressed and secured from within the organization’s information security policies. For example, if streaming video is allowed on the company’s Internet, what sites are considered to be permissible? Individuals must be charged with following through upon those policies.

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