Unauthorized Duplication

Definition: Unauthorized Duplication refers to making an unapproved copy of a file or other publication.  Making unauthorized copies of digital information isn't an act that necessarily draws attention.  

An espionage agent, for example, copied top-secret defense department plans at the Los Alamos National Laboratory onto a USB drive.  Later he and left the country with the plans. This was a major security breach. The copying of music, books or other electronic media (e.g. application software) is also very serious.  

An organization must be mindful of the threat and make its employees its aware.

Unauthorized duplication, insider threat

Its Relevance: Businesses, organizations, government agencies and private parties must be on guard against illegal copying of files or documents. Making a copy of someone else’s material, even if it isn’t classified, can cause the organization serious problems and increase the risk of liability. An organization must have policies and procedures that explain appropriate versus inappropriate behavior as it relates to duplicating records.

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