Website Security

Definition: Website Security relates to providing information assurance for the “public face” of a business or an organization. The online safety challenges range from protecting the HTML pages that are served from being defaced to providing for the confidentiality, integrity and availability of online transactions. Interlaced throughout the information assurance reality is providing for safe practices to make business databases accessible to customers. Multiple protocols must also work together to provide for what is known as “non-repudiation”. That is, to assure the validity of an online business transaction.

Many cloud-based Internet sites provide excellent security and backup.  You can't afford to cause security problems with your customers or lose business.

website security

Its Relevance: A modern day business is likely to have a presence by sellingon the Internet. Assuring business operations while maintaining a competitive presence on the Internet is a challenge. The organizations must have information security policies and follow through upon them.

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