Wireless Security

Definition: Wireless Security represents an expanded information assurance challenge. Many of the threats associated with cabled LANs remain present in infrastructures enabled by radio waves (802.11 protocols).

Among the vulnerabilities is that data transmission occurs in the open space that surrounds the broadcast transceivers. The broadcast range for newer equipment exceeds 300 feet, the length of a football field. The signal attenuates (diminishes) until it runs out of strength. A passerby, in theory, could gain access to the information system. One form of organized eavesdropping is referred to as “war driving”. Extraordinary measures to assure critical information must be taken.

Its Relevance: Mobile computing is now a part of modern day business.  There is a need to provide untethered information access. One of its biggest advantages is increased competitiveness. Vulnerabilities and threats associated with the 802.11 infrastructure is both unique and challenging. Owners must address how enhanced mobile access is going to be implemented.

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