Account Settings

Definition: "Account Settings" is a phrase that refers to the settings associated with an authorized user’s profile in a computer network. These values are usually established when the user is first enrolled as an authorized user. For example, one setting relates to the amount of time that a user’s password can remain active. After the time period has passed the user is require to enter a new password. Other settings in the account can relate to permissions to access and alter documents and files.

A network administrator a number of values in the users' accounts.  Individual users enter settings, too.  The overall settings should align with the organization's security policies.

Its Relevance: Initiating the settings and permissions for authorized users in a network must be directly related to the organization’s security policy. Considerable thought must be given to the nature of what tasks users can perform on the network or major vulnerabilities can be introduced into your infrastructure's computer security and network security.

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