Definition: Backup, in its simplest form, refers to making an electronic copy of mission critical information that can be used to re-constitute lost, stolen or damaged files. There are many ways a backup of your information can be accomplished. Comprehensive information security software (such as Norton) comes with utilities that provide for the duplication of valuable information assets. Commercial services are available. Business organizations, however, usually control the process through policies and specify how, when and where duplicate content is to be created and how it is to be stored. Making and securing copies of essential information should be governed by the organization's security policies.

Its Relevance: We have become more and more dependent upon our digital information systems. An individual or organization must have duplicate information that can be used to restore any or all lost data. Loss of information without the capability to recover could be disastrous. Valuable personal information and business continuity can be lost. A majority of businesses that lose their critical data go out of business.

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